From Dust - Launch Trailer

Ubisoft has released the final Lauch Trailer of From Dust that is now available on Xbox LIVE.

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Hazmat132579d ago

umm.. wheres the PS3 release date?

Spenok2578d ago

Those are pretty much my thoughts exactly. This game looks pretty awesome. The game has a supposed "august 17th" release date for it, and so here's to hoping right?

kane_13712578d ago

that is PC release date.
What happened with PS3?
It is not like Ubisoft, they normally do not screw playstation.
So I guess it must be here next week.

Spenok2578d ago

At kane_1371

I read it on some non-reputable site that both PS3 and PC were the same date. Was just giving the info of what i saw.