Assassin's Creed: Revelations Not The Last Game

Art director on Assassin's Creed: Revelations has confirmed that the game will not be the last in the series.

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Sign-Up2581d ago

ähm .. this is known since years ...

IronFist2581d ago

I hope they at least finish Desmond's story, it would be annoying if they dont

LOGICWINS2581d ago

Doubt it. AC3 will probably move on to another one of Desmond's ancestors. Desmond's time period represents the present day where they have to stop the catastrophe from happening. When Desmond's story ends..thats when the main AC storyline ends.

davidlawrence102580d ago

I agree, this is slightly misleading as I thought it meant that AC:R will not be the last game in the current story arc as it is already known that it isn't the last for the franchise.

hiredhelp2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Dont over milk this game. Bye making new ones every year. Cos good game can turn boring i loved creed 1 2 brotherhood. Now revalation and a possible 5th installment.

lalalala2581d ago

i think they want to make it like COD, but the fanbase probably isn't loyal enough for that tactic to work

djodel2581d ago

I think AC is 100% better than COD

hiredhelp2580d ago

yeh i dont think cod can be brought into this. but i see your point its valid. but if i was gonna compare this to the quality of work to a call of duty series. then i put assasins creed in first place.
purely because of the quality in the game the range of gameplay side missions huge map. quests and multiplayer with a good story live.
always something to do you never get board.

WhiteLightning2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Were going to see at least two games for each main AC game that comes out in the trilogy.

AC2 got Brotherhood and Revelations
AC3 will get two games focusing on that Assassin

I don't even think they'll stop at three, they could even do a game where you don't use an ancestor you just play as desmond in the present day

kane_13712581d ago

I believe that's what AC3 will be about.
Either AC3 will be in sometime like 1800-1900 or it will be in present. (I don't think they will go backward even though they have the opportunity which they presented in AC2 and ACBH, like The first Assassin using daggers, The Persian Assassin or Mongolian Assassin etc)
Which I'm almost sure they will make an entire game on Desmond being the Assassin.
Both AC2 and 3 hinted this.
Both with missions outside of memories and with storytelling.
Even If not an entire game, then most parts of the last game.

krazykombatant2580d ago

Can't remember where I saw it I think it was here, that the next game will be about desmond.

Fishy Fingers2581d ago

Hey! You save that for the COD threads ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.