Change Your Gamertag for Only $7 writes, "Larry Hyrb’s Major Nelson just posted his list of upcoming Xbox Live Marketplace content and deals.

Sure you can save on some Mass Effect 2 DLC and some new Kinect add-ons either out or on their way.

However, what caught my eye is the discount to update your Xbox Live Gamertag beginning in August. "

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RedDead2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )


Edit: dangert12
Because Microsoft are greedy bastards

dangert122459d ago

why does it cost more then some games?

darthv722459d ago

people didnt know it cost points to change their ID? I knew about that for a while now.

What is the selling point is all your achievements and stats get transfered as well. Sure you could just create a new user on the xbox but all the stuff you accomplished are not tied to that new profile.

What happens next is your gamertag gets put into circulation and removed from the live roster as an active tag.

Keeps everything in balance.
One is terminated, one is born.
Simple, logical, perfect.

taylork372459d ago

You must have missed the front page article saying they are giving away free MSP....

multipayer2459d ago

To 2,500 people, and it is on the front page. Even if the internet only consist of n4g that offer would be expired already.

Solid_Snake-2459d ago

microsoft maybe greedy but at least they dont let you make 5 free accounts then claim there is 75,000,000,000 xbox users lol.

coff coff.

also have you tried changing your name on a passport,driving license,marriage certificate.....cost you a hell of a lot more.

multipayer2459d ago

How is any of that relevant. Is this a sign of a MGS4 port?

Why o why2459d ago

thats a dumb comparison ....driving licence, marriage certificate, really Not the same ballpark friend plus he's talking about cost and you and come random-up the place with some 5 accounts BS..lmao. I wish i could change my psn name even if there was a small charge. Nothing wrong with an option

The irony of throwing stat padding at sony escapes you. Anyway I like the option here and wish psn had it

taylork372459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

he's making the comparison because you ps3 fangirls are here trolling

gamingdroid2459d ago

Well, some companies don't even allow you to change your user id. However, I prefer people don't constantly change their name, as I can't keep track of it so putting a price tag on it, definitely prevents that problem.

Companies are greedy? NO!!! Really? Any company out there that isn't?

Raf1k12459d ago

I can see how people changing IDs can be a problem but TBH most people worth keeping track of are friends you play with in which case they will most likely tell you they're changing ID and to what they're changing it to.

Also, ID change should be free. It costs them nothing to change your ID as it's likely to be a fully automated service.

Why o why2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

i agree. Unless theres a notification process that notifies all friends then it shouldnt be too much of an issue. Im sure name changes are automatically updated to all who had the original name.

A company that isnt greedy isnt a company but some ARE more greedy than others. Thats undeniable

STONEY42459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

On Steam you can freely change your name (which honestly can get confusing if they change their picture too), but they allow you to view a person's previous aliases so you can keep track of who's who. Something like that would solve that problem.

gamingdroid2459d ago

I think name changes should be available and notifying is a great idea (by Why o why), but should be difficult or discourage to do since it is an online IDENTITY.

Although it cost next to nothing to do for MS, I think a charge on it is perfectly acceptable to discourage users from doing it. Overall it is better for the community, but at least MS offers it. I doubt it brings any significant amount of money for MS in the first place.

That said, the vast majority don't allow username changes at all and for good reason.

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MasterD9192459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

I remember voting for ME2 DLC to go on was supposed to be in July and it looks like they delayed it and or forgot about it for a bit. I'm glad its actually happening.

As for the gamertag cost...You could just have someone report you for having an inappropriate name and regardless of whether or not it is I had to change my gamertag 5-6 times already because of jealous noobs that wanted to take it out on me. Nothing in my gamertag was offensive, yet Microsoft still made me change it multiple times over the last few years. I've run out of ways to spell my gamertag as I imagine it'll happen again. It is free though...

SovereignSnaKe2459d ago

speaking of Mass Effect 2, I just checked and the Arrival DLC is discounted to 280 for Gold Members! i had been holding out for a deal!! Excellent! :D

tawak2459d ago

how bout changing the region of my gamertag tag you [email protected]#$#!
getting sick of buying xbox live points at ebay just to keep my account loaded with points

StarWolf2459d ago

at least its changeable.

Danielmccue2459d ago

I just changed my Steam ID like 30 minutes ago

For free!!!!

Ducky2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

... O.o?

I didn't know you could change your steam ID.
However, Profile Name can be changed.

Bnet3432459d ago

you can't change your steam ID, nice try.

Danielmccue2459d ago

That's what i meant but its the same thing. Public name, its what everybody else sees as your name in game and on their friends list.

So its the same as changing your gamer tag.

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