Call of Duty: Black Ops - PS3 patch 1.11 is online + Double XP weekend

Call of Duty: Black Ops on PlayStation 3 has just received a brand new patch, taking the game to version 1.11.

With the newest patch, however, it seems that some things were fixed, but that's not all, the Update also implements the fourth Map Pack. Treyarch will also hold a double XP weekend for Call of Duty: Black Ops celebrate the launch of the Annihilation Map Pack.

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Cecker2579d ago

hopefully nuke 24/7 is there..

BubbleSniper2579d ago

i thought "nuke 24/7" was already there from the start?

SSKILLZ2579d ago

Nah they take it down and put it back up every 2XP, they should just leave it up.
All that sweet chaos in one small map !

Kee2579d ago

I think black ops is getting a lot closer to what we wanted from it with every patch.

At first it was really buggy but a lot of those are patched now and the game is now more balanced, too.

theonlylolking2579d ago

Black ops is just a mess. The PS3 version is atrocious while the 360 version is bad.

2579d ago
ian722579d ago

I also prefer Blops to MW2. Its how killstreaks work in MW2 I don't really like. They're too easy to get once you get your first one.
I also drop on more people cheating/glitching on MW2.

Tachyon_Nova2578d ago

Care to list some of the issues still present?

The only issues I am still encountering are very rare or of minor annoyance.

1. If I lose connection during a game and it kicks me out of multiplayer, when I go back into multiplayer it makes me reconfigure screen settings.
2: Very (very) rarely a menu will flicker uncontrably for a few seconds.
3: Occasionaly frame rate will drop fairly substantially for a second or so, sometimes for seemingly no reason.

The only other issues are lag, which is not the games fault, its your connections fault. If you have a 4 bar connection, you will not have lag at all unless your opponent is 1 or 2 bar connection, and again this isn't the games fault, it comes down to the fact that there is probably a delay of over 200ms (1/5th of a second) between your opponents machine sending the data and then that data being relayed to the host and then onto you if you or your opponet have a low quality connection.

Host advantage is also common amongst all peer hosted games and is for obvious reasons unavoidable, there is nothing they can do about it except putting a handicap on the host.

Getowned2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

an issue my classes never keep there names :( i enjoyed blops but MW2 maps were better then again none of them come close to cod4' maps,controls,game play,killstreaks system i liked how there was no kill streaks that just owned you like,dogs,chopper gunner,black bird,ect a few are fine but i seen a team i joined half way in on the enemy side get 5 black birds in a row one went down another went up after the 3rd black bird i left idk i find it really cheap kills i just want to shoot people thats why cod4 was the best UAV,jammer?,attack copter ..and the thing that bugs me the most is game lag.

gman_moose2578d ago

Yeah, hard to believe they are still patching the game 8 months after release. This essentially means that their customers have been playing a flawed product about 7 months longer than necessary. Nice customer support.

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Oldman1002579d ago

I'm still waiting for the patch that makes the game playable.

miDnIghtEr2578d ago Show
phinch2579d ago

classic who gives a shit now? in less than 4 months the new one is out which will have the same problem as ALL of them before

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