Character of the Month – Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5

Game-Flush: It’s not often I make a big deal over a woman in a video game. I mean, let’s face facts: they aren’t real. That’s not to say they don’t have value as characters (I believe even outside of video games we need more noteworthy female characters, not just girls who look good in bikinis), it’s just that I’m never going to have so much as a conversation with one of them. However, Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5 is one of those women I’ll honestly say is hot. She’s like a 10. Not only that, but she’s a great character to boot.

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slavish32583d ago

if i was chris in re5 all i would have been doing is trying to get in sheva pants instead of fighting zombies

Ness-Psi2581d ago

i wouldnt mind getting hot and sweaty with sheva.

WhiteLightning2583d ago

Oh Sheva....yeah great character

Nothing like her tagging along moaning that she's low on health, has no ammo, needs weapons, gets in the way and when she dies you die.

Yup...great character.

BubbleSniper2581d ago

LOL? i was so good in RE5 that Sheva didn't even need to moan about health or ammo. I cut enough slack that she would merely back me up when shit got ugly.. and in RE5 everything was ugly

trainsinrdr2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Sheva is the worst character in resident evil, she didnt deserve to be apart of weskers death.
I wish he dragged that chopper into the volcano with him.
RIP Wesker

El-Fenemeno12132581d ago

just fail the QTE and walk away ^_^

WhiteLightning2581d ago

You would think that Chris and Jill would take him down together with Barry's help

They had those ideas before they added co-op, it's in the concept art

gypsygib2581d ago

@ trainsinrdr:

Hey moron, spoiler alert.

You're such a piece of shit, thanks for ruining the ending.

Cpt_kitten2581d ago

how did sheva make char of the month......worst char in all of gaming, stupid and completely useless

i gave her the cattle prod and nothing less she wasnt allowed

baker_boi2581d ago

What the hell makes her the worst character in all video games?

I'm goin with that she's a black chick that got some spot light in this game.

Not only that, but being coupled with the fact that a lot of RE Fans think this is worst one to date, it just gives another buckle on yo hate shoe to belt.

Somebody is gonna reply, "no her AI was stupid and she kept sayin blah blah blah", Yeah, but did you know you could switch her damn AI to "ATTACK" and she became your own personal Rambo.

I only play with Sheva when I play the game, and when I didnt have a choice about that she never was the one that died, I did.

So much hate out here for the chick man.

Gran Touring2581d ago

She's not the worst character in gaming; its just her AI programming that's really bad. Her character hasn't been fleshed out enough for her to be really hated or liked.

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