Innovation Isn't Dead: We're Just Too Lazy To Look For It

Dealspwn argues that innovation has never left our medium - but that we tend to be too lazy to actually seek it out.

Dealspwn: "First Person Shooters continue to glut up the marketplace, racing developers sink into the financial quagmire and larger publishers continue to milk their franchises for every last drop of potential profit. Sequels and spinoffs have started to dwarf original IPs in terms of sales and public interest, and even stalwarts of our industry are starting to cut corners and homogenize everywhere you look. Hype and publicity jades and demeans us at every turn, making us wonder whether anything new can ever come out of our medium.

But don't believe a word of it, dear reader. Innovation is very much alive - just as much as it ever was - but you're looking in the wrong place. To find it, you'll need to take the initiative, get up off your sofa and put a little effort in."

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