With FFXIII-2, Square Enix Addressed Criticisms 'Completely & Thoroughly'

VGW: Final Fantasy XIII benefited from strong sales on franchise pedigree alone. While the RPG did present a robust and enjoyable battle system and beautiful graphics, few fans will say they enjoyed the game’s linearity and lack of exploration. Square Enix has repeatedly acknowledged that their goal is to seriously improve upon the game’s imperfections with its sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2, but a new interview with the FFXIII-2′s producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama, reveal rare honesty, and clues into what jaded fans can look forward to next January.

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jaredhart2465d ago

Square used to be my fav developer years ago. Sad what they have become.

killyourfm2465d ago

I hear ya. With their experience, it couldn't have been difficult to get XIII right the first time. I think they had a false impression of what a westernized RPG should be. I recently played FFX again and it drove home just how anemic FFXIII was...

RedDead2465d ago

Ah....FFXIII was disgraceful..FF12 I have not played, FFXi was apprently good. On mmo standards. X-2 was a disgrace....FFXIV *pukes*.

Just wait till after the next 3 games to judge. Maybe they just had an unlucky shi* streak for a long time

RurouniKaze2465d ago

Square Soft became Square Enix

Troll-without-Bridge2465d ago

So you see a great article showing how promising the game looks, and all you can think of is to cry about the old says?

Seriously off topic.

Zanarkand2465d ago

Its true and i agree that Squaresoft used to be way better but really i couldn't see anything different coming out in this era of vidya, so to say even if Squaresoft was still around the change might've been inevitable or so it was destined to happen. This is what we get so just live with it. Personally i don't have any concerns about SE though. They're trying to stay on top of things even after the disaster that was FFXIV, i play it and tbh its getting better. They haven't driven KH & FF off the cliff so I'm fine with that. Also FFX was imo the best rpg I've ever played.

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Omega Zues2465d ago

Despite the years of recent failures from SE, I am willing to give this game a chance HOWEVER on one condition. There must be a demo. If this playable demo is some what satisfying I might then actually give this game a chance.

I think its a reasonable request.

And by demo, I mean on PSN/Xbox live. None of this "Buy this movie and get our demo crap".

fossilfern2465d ago

Please bring out a proper Parasite eve game! The one on PSP was decent game but its not a true PE game !

tiffac2465d ago

^ This!

I so freaking agree.

As for XIII-2 if they let me have Serah divorce Snow I will be satisfied.

Kee2465d ago

Okay, who was it that complained about mini games?? Fess up. I don't want mini games. I want fun side missions. Not mini games. They've missed the point. And no, hunts do not qualify as side missions. Though they were fun.

CrescentFang2465d ago

Sometimes making it more complex may be the wrong way... I think they should start with a simpler approach for another FF (because this is FFXIII-2, it's suppose to build on the XIII formula...)

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