El Shaddai: Sawaki Takeyasu Interview - Says he'd love an iPad Version of El Shaddai

Recently there has been a lot of confusion regarding the release of El Shaddai - originally it was slated for release today. But due to issues beyond Ignition Entertainment's control. Incase there's any doubt in your mind, the game will be released on August 16th in North America and September 9th in Europe.

We know some of you may be feeling down today, knowing you could have already been playing El Shaddai today if not for the delay - but to make it a little easier on you, here's an exclusive interview we got when Gamer Euphoria sat down with Sawaki Takeyasu from Ignition Entertainment.

How did the concept of El Shaddai come up?

Sawaki: The original idea to create a game based on the Book of Enoch came from Ignition’s UK-based head office several years ago, but we then took the concept and made it our own in Tokyo. I was careful to maintain the overall narrative and themes from the apocryphal Biblical texts, but I did take some creative liberties in order to make the story a little more relatable for modern players. Since these allegories are part of the oral tradition and were constantly being changed over time, I felt that I had some freedom to add tiny elements to the story by modernizing it a bit.

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The Great Melon2549d ago

Need to go out and buy this game. The visual style and the inspiration really caught my attention.

CrescentFang2549d ago

The iPad cannot grasp the true form of El Shaddai!

Si-Fly2549d ago

When did the ipad become a sentient being? Is that part of the ios5 update, that's fucking awesome!!

Jihaad_cpt2549d ago

PlayStation Vita is where it's at mate