What If Nintendo Was Only a Publisher?

CheatCC - Nintendo is definitely a juggernaut in today's gaming landscape. They've been making consoles for 25 years, and franchises like Mario and Zelda have become synonymous with the industry. What is the secret to Nintendo's success? Well, it's actually not much of a secret. Nintendo tightly controls its products and creates consoles and games that work perfectly together. But what if Nintendo only created games? What if you could play Mario and Zelda on the PlayStation 3? The world would be a different place, for sure.

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Pikajew2495d ago

Than we wouldn't have the D-pad, analog stick and playstation

EYEamNUMBER12495d ago

we wouldn't even have gaming as we do now

Best2495d ago

Seeing as PS3 is nothing without the Wii, then Sony would die.

tiffac2495d ago

Not sure if comment above is serious...?

dangert122495d ago

I would like to play metroid with playstation move

eraursls842495d ago

The analog stick was out before nintendo was around, remember the Atari? Sony even had analog sticks out before nintendo. Nintendo is responsible for a lot of growth in the game industry but so are others like Sony and Sega (both of which were/are very innovative). Sony had r and d going before nintendo with motion controls but because they hadn't perfected it they didn't release it until after nintendo released a very inaccurate device, thus the reason we have to buy another peripheral (wii motion plus) that's still not as accurate as the move. Personally I don't like either but the Wii is more of a gimmick than an innovation.

ZoidsRaven2495d ago

Nintendo seems to be doing both just fine. 7_7

t0mmyb0y2495d ago

"What If Nintendo Was Only a Publisher?"

Then they'd be held back by hardware.

tiffac2495d ago

We would still be using Cartridges. lol!