Secret EA developer 'Black Troll Studios' working on PS3-exclusive FPS

SystemLink PlayStation, Tuesday 26th July: "From the looks of it, SystemLink can reveal that not only are EA publishing a brand new first-person shooter exclusively for the PS3, they're also revealing a brand new studio."

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PhilipLarkin2580d ago

Hot damn. This, as well as Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3? Take my money.

All of it.

(But give me Mirror's Edge 2 soon, please)

kidnplay2580d ago

Yup, it's exciting news. EA make a very, very good FPS when they put their mind to it, so hopefully this turns out to be something decent.

I do agree with you about Mirror's Edge 2, though. Loved the first.

egidem2580d ago

@I_find_it_funny -

I was also thinking of the same thing.
Black Troll Studios. haha!

hiredhelp2580d ago

This a wind up. BLACK "TROLL" STUDIO'S

Micro_Sony2580d ago

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theonlylolking2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

What the 0_o

I bet they LOLd when the name was thought up so they chose it. I know that I would do the same.

I would name my game company either
Awesome Sauce games or We Love Bacon studios

Disccordia2580d ago

Supposing this studio is real, I honestly can't see why EA would publish a PS3 exclusive at this point in the consoles cycle.

DrFUD2580d ago

because it's a Playstation Move FPS

Disccordia2580d ago

Fair point mate, I guess that would make sense.

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ksense2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

I would love it to be a ps3 exclusive but I highly doubt EA or any third party will actually do an exclusive at the moment. maybe they just hired that person to work on the ps3 version. I guess it will be a shock announcement if it is true. we seem to be missing them shock announcements lately at every show.

Tito082580d ago

It could be a timed-exclusive like with Mass Effect 2 on the 360!!!

metsgaming2580d ago

This is a joke the studios name is "Black Troll" come on now why would you make a studio with that name

zerox5052580d ago

HAHAAHAH what kind of name is "black troll" studios? wtf?

lodossrage2580d ago

i was saying that same thing when I saw the name. what a name to have huh

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