Marooners' Rock Review: Captain America: Super Soldier (360)

Chris writes: "Some movie-based video games seek to recreate the plot of the movie itself, which I feel is dangerous ground to tread. Some tell a story completely separate from the movie, which, as long as it doesn’t contradict the movie it’s based on, can be good. Some tell a story that bridges the gap between one movie and another, which can provide a great deal of fill-in, which is always entertaining for a geek like me. Some tell a story that fills in gaps in time within the movie itself, which, when pulled off correctly, can be more entertaining than the rest, because you get a more complete story than just one or the other. Captain America: Super Soldier is a game that takes place during Captain America: The First Avenger, as one of the montage-missions to destroy Hydra bases during WWII. Did SEGA and Next Level Games manage to pull it off, or is it just another in a long line of disappointing comic-movie game adaptations?"

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"We still set the story in the same region and time period as the movie, but we were free to tell our own story. We created the game-flow first and then Christos Gage came on-board and wove an awesome story into the existing flow, adding a roster of villains from the comic books." - Next Level Games