Mass Effect 2 DLC discounted for Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week

XMNR: The Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week focuses on downloadable content for Mass Effect 2 as three add-ons for the sci-fi RPG have been slashed by 50% off from July 26 to August 1.

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biRdy2548d ago

Now time to buy Arival, glad I didn't buy it when it was released.

darthv722548d ago

i picked up me2 just a couple weeks ago. Had not started in on it yet but nice to see the dlc is priced to sell. I may just get it and have it handy for when I start the game.

STICKzophrenic2548d ago

Yes! I was waiting for The Arrival to go on sale.

krazykombatant2548d ago

Nice to see some love from BioWare.

Vortex3D2548d ago

When will The Arrival will go on sale on PSN?

STICKzophrenic2548d ago

This is part of Xbox Live's Deal of the Week, which if I'm not mistaken, was voted upon a few weeks ago by XBL members.

shotgunshine2548d ago

Good stuff. I meant to get the Shadow Broker DLC forever ago but never got around to it... glad theres the sale now.

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