WiredController: inFamous 2 Review

WiredController: "A sequel (at least in gaming) in every right is designed to carry out and ultimately overcome a number of obstacles. Some of these hurdles include enhancing the experience that you received from the first iteration (via gameplay, graphics, etc.), fleshing out and continuing the storyline, and capitalizing on the technological resources now at the disposal of the developer. When all of these variables are executed proficiently the gamer, developer, publisher, and anyone else involved walks away with a product that everyone is proud to enjoy. How well this action is delivered is directly related to the (sub)conscious mindset of the gamer who is experiencing the game. This is why when it comes to sequels developers are much more pressured to deliver a product that delivers at every turn lest they suffer the backlash of the community. Sucker Punch now holds a place amongst great developers who understand what it means to create a true sequel to a great IP."

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Assassin Nawabi2580d ago

a highly recommended game indeed

2580d ago
KingSlayer2580d ago

The leap they took from 1 to 2 is insane imo. Can't say enough good about it. If you like feeling like a badass while playing a game, this is it...until Arkham City ;)

zeddy2580d ago

on my first play through on good and im still only like 60% through, its a long ass game and i've still got evil to do yet.

GameGambits2580d ago

Aside from a few bugs that are common to big open world games like this, it's a blast. :P Still wish we had gotten the other Cole design though.

KingSlayer2580d ago

Agreed. I had zero issue with the redesign. Would be nice if he were a free DLC option.