WiredController: Bastion Review

WiredController: "SuperGiantGames’ first venture in to game development is a brilliant success. Bastion is beautiful, atmospheric and well thought out in almost every aspect, and above all a fun, tried and true RPG. It’s as challenging as you want to make it and it becomes more engaging as you play. Everyone with extra Microsoft points lying around needs to go out and help support this game. Play the demo for yourself and you’ll see why you’ll be hard-pressed to find a game that can draw you in as quickly as Bastion."

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Assassin Nawabi2578d ago

I am getting this on the weekend

GameGambits2578d ago

Awesome game. Super relaxing and fun. :)

gameguru2578d ago

Not sure if it's on psn or not?

kingdoms2578d ago

Would it hurt to do a 2 second Google search? LOL go check PSN or do I need to spell it out for you?