8/10 for Mario and Sonic from GamesRadar

According to Games Radar:

"It's bigger and better than Wii Play. It's more fun with friends than Mario Strikers Charged. Yes, some of the events are a pain; others drag on way too long. We can see someone on one side of the country detesting M&S like baked bean sandwiches, while someone else on the other side happily plays it until the real-life Olympics roll around. But if Pictionary and cheesy rolls aren't doing it for your party, there's a good chance Mario & Sonic will."

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MK_Red4057d ago

And I was complaining about another story that 7/10 was too high for this...

Jammy22114057d ago

I think 8/10 is a fine score for the game. End of the day it's makes no attempt in hiding it is a mini-game collection and party game, so it should be reviewed on that basis. It sounds like it's one of the better ones to hit the Wii, so why not give it a score to reflect this?

It's very hard to review a game like this, cause although most the people who read this site are probably expecting very little from this, there is a huge audience who loved the simplicity of Wii Sports, and no doubt this should on their to buy list. Should the game be marked down just cause its whole appeal is to casual gamers? No.

jinn4057d ago

they should be banned to rate games