'Nintendo improves its strengths over fixing weakness'

Nintendo's franchises remain strong because it concentrates on the elements that work, rather than on fixing the bits which do not. That's the opinion of Julien Merceron, worldwide technology director for Square Enix.

"I'm always surprised to see that their [Nintendo's] IPs are surviving way better than some other publishers' IPs, and there's definitely something that they're doing right here," Merceron told last week.

"It seems like they're putting more emphasis on improving things that are already great in their games, rather than improving the things that people complain about."

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dangert122496d ago

Nintendo has strong strengths. but there weakness are almost mandatory things which is why playing with there stuff feels so dated or cheap

ChickeyCantor2496d ago

If quality = dated and cheap, then I rather have that.

dangert122496d ago

I never said quality = dated and cheap
but if you think that keep your wii and 3DS
Ps3 and PSV when that comes out for me sony have proven to stay update with the lastest tech when releasing consoles and provide quality games and a serivices

Fishy Fingers2496d ago

What does this have to do with "lastest tech", oh because its the same old tired arguement PS3/360 fans waffle on about in Nintendo threads.

Not PC threads though. Funny enough, then its all about the games.

Seferoth752496d ago

So copying Nintendo is a strength but Nintendo is weak... LOL typical Sony follower... Yes consoles you know nothing about will offer the latest in cutting edge 3 year old tech and thats just fine cause it carries the Sony name..fanboys are a funny lot.

dangert122496d ago

what vita has 3 year old tech?
and yes the ps3/tech is old now but what i mean is when they release it was the lastest nintendo wii tech nor 3ds is new tech
the pc is upgradable anytime consoles are not
what im talking about was when a console is released i prefer to have the lastest tech if nintendo was the top gaming company we would't need hd tv or bluray players there tech is wack man

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ChickeyCantor2496d ago

Im keeping my Wii, Ps3 and DS. Getting a 3DS and WiiU too. Maybe a vita too.


Xof2496d ago

Damn, Danger12, I was on the verge of agreeing with you but then I saw your fanboyish replies.


Well, still, I share the sentiment, albeit for different (legitimate) reasons. When it comes to Nintendo's software, I have nothing but praise. Well, except for the asinine actions of Nintendo of America, but that's a pointless diversion here.

When it comes to Nintendo's hardware, I find it very, very difficult to find ANYTHING I like, let alone approve of. From Nintendo's stance on digital distribution (stone age) to their stance on peripherals, it's all just awful.

Take the Wii, for example.

No hard drive.
Half-assed GCN backwards-compatibility
Wiimote controllers have too few buttons to be used with 50% of the WiiWare/Virtual console libraries
Friend Codes
Digital content tied to hardware

...The list goes on and on.

In terms of functionality, accessibility and versatility Nintendo hardware leaves a LOT to be desired.

rexbolt2496d ago

half assed gcn? it plays all game cube gaMES wut r u talken about

Xof2494d ago

Half-assed GCN is not about what games are played, but HOW the games are played.

Forcing players to use a corded GCN controller is half-assed. You can't argue your way out of that.

ChickeyCantor2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

"Forcing players to use a corded GCN controller is half-assed. "

Are you for real?
Wavebird worked fine.

And only you can cry over "cables". LOL.

Canary2494d ago

^--That's an idiotic argument and you know it.

On the 360, you can play any Xbox game with the 360 controller.

On the PS3, you can play any PS2 or PS1 game with the PS3 controller.

For the Wii, you have to buy a special wii controller (which is pointlessly wired into the Wiimote) to play SNES or N64 games, and you have to buy a corded Gamecube controller to play NGC games.

Or you can spend even MORE money on a Wavebird, if you can make do with gen1 wireless.

Of all the shit Nintendo has screwed up on this generation, their controller design is by far the worst. It's indefensible.

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AWBrawler2495d ago

latest tech? Sony? so thats why PS1 and PS2 were the weakest of their gens?

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jacen1002496d ago

hopefully the wiiU will change your opinion , im hoping myself we will finally see the top games on a nintendo machine because to be honest ps3 and 360 are getting a bit stale

DragonKnight2496d ago

"ps3 and 360 are getting a bit stale."

Lol, that you think Nintendo would make anything better shows extreme naivety.

Seferoth752496d ago

That you think they wouldnt just proves you are a first gen gamer.

Let me explain. You are going off of Wii and acting as it its always been this way, which is cool for a first gen gamer but thats not how it has always been.

N64 more poweful than PS1
GC more powerful than PS2.

Its not that he is naive, it's jsut you're clueless and havent got a clue what you are talking about

DragonKnight2496d ago

@Seferoth75: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! First gen gamer? LMAO! For one, you're too young to know what the term actually means. Second. I've probably been gaming for longer than you've been alive, but unlike you I won't quantify that as an absolute seeing as how I don't know you. Third, who the hell cares about what console is more powerful than the other. Playstation 1 and 2 were outclassed in power and destroyed the competition.

This is about every single damn thing else that Nintendo is involved in. Nintendo could care less about any other games but their own. The fact that there are 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles is merely due to 3rd party developers wanting money and Nintendo wanting a cut, but don't think for a second Nintendo cares one way or the other. If this gen has shown us one thing about Nintendo, it's that they don't care about 3rd party shovelware at all.

In terms of tech, Nintendo has never really been about cutting edge, superior tech. They will always use the most affordable tech they can get that will provide a decent experience for the price. That's why they almost never sell a console at a loss. They've cultivated a fanbase who don't look at the tech, they only eat up the Pokemon, or Zelda, or Mario games that come out. Fact.

That you honestly think Nintendo is going to make anything better than Sony or hell even Microsoft, shows you're not paying attention to Nintendo, or their competition, or the games. Just because you want to be a Nintendo fanboy doesn't negate fact. N64 was trounced, GC was trounced, so Nintendo changed the game plan. Don't expect Wii U to be some kind of HD high tech Messiah because it won't be.

jacen1002495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

wiiU will be more up to date newer hardware will it not? and i dont want to hear the fagboy comment "wait untill ps4/720" speculation bullcrap u know nothing about them

DragonKnight2495d ago

@jacen100: So when's the Wii U releasing? Oh that's right, you don't know. What are its specs? Oh that's right, you don't know that either. And yet you're making assumptions about it. Pfff. Must be nice to employ a Nintendo double standard eh? So here's a question. Based on Nintendo's own actions with the Wii and 3DS which aren't huge leaps in their own tech, do you really believe that Nintendo will outdo Sony and Microsoft in that department?

You probably do. The Nintendo fanbase are among the most naive people I've ever met. Guess that's to be expected when continuing to play the same childish rehashes over and over.

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Squatch832496d ago

Nintendo has many fans that love the games. They sell more than any other dev too. Nintendo really has no problems.

Fishy Fingers2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Other than contradicting himself a bit, seems nothing here but praise for Nintendo.

When your the most profitable, have the biggest install base and you IP sells better than your competitors, you dont have much to worry about, other than keeping it up of course.

MasterCornholio2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Even though i would really like to see new IPs from Nintendo. I know for a fact that their old IPs are extremely popular and will remain for many more years to come.

BTW i disagree with the WiiU controller it seems a bit bizarre to me. But i said the same thing about the Wiimote and look what happend.

Seferoth752496d ago

Even when they make them you just ignore them....Always amusing when some troll comes out asking for what is already there. I wont bother naming off the new IPs from them this gen though. Even if I did you'd be in the next article making the same claims..

MasterCornholio2495d ago

Nintendo isnt really known for making new IPs. Sure they make one every once in a while but 90% of what they produce are old franchises from the SNES days. Theres nothing wrong with doing that because they produce quality titles and make big sales. You only have to look at SuperMario Galaxy to know that. But many people are like me they get tired of seeing the same faces and would like to see something new.

BTW i wasnt trolling and stop trying to get me to loose bubbles. You really should go after the real trolls and instead of people who state their opinion in a civil manner. As long as I follow the TOS i see no problem in stating my opinion.

Masterchef20072495d ago

Come on man. He is just stating his opinion. I love Nintendo franchises but it doesnt take a moron to know that they have been around since the SNES. Everyone knows that Nintendo strengths are their franchises from the old days. Anyways the only one who is trolling here is you.

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