TGH: Top 6 Main Characters for Resident Evil 6

TGH Writes: With the rumor of Resident Evil 6 flying around, there will be a lot of questions that needs to be answered. Where is Resident Evil 6 going to take place? What is likely to happen in Resident Evil 6? No one actually knows what CAPCOM is going to do with Resident Evil 6. With all these questions still in speculation, one question got to me. Who will be the main character in Resident Evil 6? There are many different choices for this role because there are so many heroes to choose from. So I compiled a list of six heroes that should be in Resident Evil 6.

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kookie2583d ago

Chris redfield, leon or ark.

pipipi2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

no chris no mate!!! leon is better or ark. but chris no man. what about barry?

EYEamNUMBER12583d ago

so am i the only one around here that remembers capcom said this one was going to be a reboot with potentially NEW main characters

WhiteLightning2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

I think they just meant "reboot" as in changing the gameplay

Capcom said that they see RE4 as a "reboot" because it's differen't from RE 1-3.

I don't think they would leave holes to be filled in the story that RE4 never answered or RE5

EDIT: "all i know is a year or 2 ago capcom was going on about how RE6 was going to be a major reboot"

That was 2 years ago, there is a recent interview (I have no idea where) that they talk about what they see as a "reboot"

EYEamNUMBER12583d ago

almost ALL of capcoms games have holes in them some of them very giant

all i know is a year or 2 ago capcom was going on about how RE6 was going to be a major reboot and i could swear i heard them say something about potentially new characters
so when RE6 ends up having new characters i wont be surprised

also to the people going on about wesker give it a rest already hes dead hes not coming back its over

EYEamNUMBER12583d ago

capcom also said operation racoon city can be considered a reboot of RE2 despite the fact the the gameplay/story and characters are entirely different

if anyone is surprised or disappointed that RE6 has new characters then you have no right to be

tbergen12583d ago

Bring back Nemesis please....easily one of my favorite characters of Resident Evil and of all time!

mastiffchild2583d ago

The most interesting Resi character that remains a total mystery, played both sides against the middle and always looked classy in a cocktail dress was Ada.

If RE6 cebtres on exactly why Ada did what she did in 2 and $ then I'm back in as i'd love a proper explanation of how she got away with stuff Wesker would have killed anyone else for messing up a long time ago. Hell, who knows, maybe she was boning himn? Maybe she worked for a third organisation Umbrella wanted to keep sweet but did so on the QT. Seriously, Ada's your girl for RE6 if the writers ever start using their most interesting character again and give her the sodding lead role and NO EFFIN co-op with an NPC for the main campaign.

I'mnotr saying Sheva's AI was bvad but, honestly, my wife was assuming I must be racist after listening to me laying that game as Chris the first night I bought it! "Why do you hate Sheva so much, hun, you aren't turning racist on us, are you?", she said, worriedly.

"No," I replied, "I'm not racist it's just that Sheva happens to be the most dimwitted creature I've ever seen outside of a test tube in my whole life and , as a result, she annoys me. I assure you, darling, had I become a bigot overnight I'd have been calling her VERY different things than "useless", "effin", "bitch" and not sent half the game screaming "don't use the effin health, don't use the effin health when I'm full and you've got a friggin papercut"-honestly, love, I don't hate Sheva because of race but purely because Capcom forced me to play the game with the most stupid virtual woman ever created. Even a blow up doll would do LESS wrong".

I actually prefer the campaign AS Sheva and it should be the only way as a SP in RE5 to do so as, at least Chris LOOKS stupid enough to match the AI!

It's a toss up, for me personally, between RE5 and DMC4 for worst Capcom fail sequel this gen(well, unless you count CTYD as a kind of sequel as that's barely even a game)with them easily beating out the idiocy of the likes of the BC reboot or the missed chances of DR2 and L2. How could they mess up their two, possibly, biggest current IP story based games so badly? Only their fighters, MH games and Zack and Wiki really cut it for me this gen and unless they return to form with RE6 I truly worry for Capcom's story based games. Dragon's Dogma also gets less interesting every time i see it.

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jsslifelike2583d ago

I'd love to see the characters "DLC Unlock Key" and "Un-delete-able Save File".

ShadyDevil2583d ago

I'd still like to see Leon. But great list.

lpfisher2583d ago

I kind of hope they go back to Leon.

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