Video Review - Shadows of the Damned (Gaming Irresponsibly)

YesterdayPants shows everyone what he loves about Suda51's new joint.

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blitz0x2460d ago

Lol. The reviewer is pretty funny

mastiffchild2460d ago

The worst thing about a game whioch was , mainly, just goosd fun, was the way Paula's eyes were(like in the screenie above)messed up and totally sdifferent colours from each other. Now, had it been limited to when she was(SPOLERS) possessed or beheaded or just with Fleming then fair enough but it happened at random times and just seemed a bit lax. Then again, expecting perfect continuity from a flighty mind like Suda's(who'd obviously been reigned in by Mikami as this is NOT as geeky or mental as his other games-though it's not right either!)is possibly expecting WAY, WAY too much. Some of Killer7's gameplay, for example, bordered on broken and I still loved it.

mantisimo2460d ago

@ blitz Please stop bigging up your fellow Gaming Irresponsibly site writers and editors.

A good story doesn't need ghost bumping.

Good review though and as I've said before it is a great game BUT with not much replay value.

blitz0x2460d ago

Sorry, this is actually the first time id seen his work on the site. Pants is brand new, and this is his first submitted piece.

mantisimo2460d ago

Ok dude. Just doesn't look too good thats all.

Like his name though I'm wearing mine.

mastiffchild2460d ago

Or...maybe it's an eco statement, eh?