Character of the Month – Mileena from Mortal Kombat

Game-Flush: "So I’m going to make a confession to you all. I sold my soul to the Devil. Yes, it’s true. It’s true. And I did it for cheep, bloody thrills. That’s right, readers, I finally caved and gave Mortal Kombat a chance, and, yes, I—hiss—liked it. What’s more, because (until recently) I couldn’t bring myself to give money to the true enemy of Guile and Ryu, I played this sub-par, ode to senseless violence with the Orange Testament and others on his…Ecks-Bocks! I know, I know. I’ve disappointed you all. And if you could only know how sorry I am for it. Lord knows I’ve washed myself more times than Ace Ventura after he kissed Louis Einhorn so that I could get the sin off me. But in playing the game I will say this: it gave me a fantastic idea for a Character of the Month."

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Pozzle2491d ago

Until she takes her mask off :D

Bard2491d ago

lol fair enough, but it's like the good ol' paper bag on the face trick! Pit outfit ftw.