Game Reviews: We're reading them all wrong

VGW's Jen Bosier: Game reviews are, arguably, one of the most important wheels in the giant machine that is the gaming industry. Many people make their purchasing decisions based upon reviews or previews of games, which is why shows such as E3 and PAX are so important and monumental to games journalists. But as our attention spans grow ever shorter, and our reliance upon visual indicators grows stronger, are we actually reading reviews and understanding them? In fact, do people even know HOW to read game reviews?

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Pozzle2583d ago

To be honest? Yeah. A lot of people focus too much on the score, and not the actual content of the review. I read review for info on a game's story/gameplay/sound/etc. I treat reviews as just another source of information. I don't care too much about the actual reviewer's opinion or the score at the end, because many times I have found myself disagreeing with what they like and dislike (e.g. a reviewer might hate long cutscenes, but I don't mind them).

I know it's silly to base your game purchases on reviews, but sometimes I'll read reviews for games that I'm only mildly interested in, and end up buying the game because the review mentioned something that sounded fun or awesome. :O

SageHonor2583d ago

Agreed.. I watch and read reviews for additional information on the game. I look at a variety of reviews to get the general feel on the game.

Not only that but the gamers can be just as contradictive or worse than the actual reviewers. People compare things too much instead of letting their taste be distinguished. Every review IGN gives always gets compared to COD..

Alot of gamers dictate themselves this way...
Your opinion is not the same as my opinion so it sucks..Just because you found the game fun doesnt mean the reviewers should give it a good score and just because they give it a high score doesnt mean you will probably enjoy it. Reviews without scores are better anyway cause they help shape our own perceptions.

MidnytRain2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

I only ever consider the score if I know nothing about a game or it is in a genre I'm unfamiliar with. If it seems to be highly praised, I make a point of picking it up at some point in the future or borrowing it from a friend. This is how I played Red Dead Redemption.

2583d ago
MidnytRain2583d ago

I feel his last part about finding a reviewer like you is important. If you go to a site that, mostly, has the same tastes, quirks, and pet peeves as you, you're in good hands.

CrescentFang2583d ago

This just reminded me of IGN's God Hand review... My friend is afraid to play because it's hard, but I'll get him to play it one day... he already watched a walkthrough on it too!

Also I think Nier was a poorly reviewed game, and it mostly had to do with it's OPTIONAL side quests... it still is amazing and cheap too. RIP Cavia...

klecser2583d ago

Great article. Good advice.

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