Hardware Review - Gioteck HF-2 PS3 Controller (Gaming Irresponsibly)

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Third party controllers are almost always a gamble and I’ve been through a few, the good ones tend to break early while the bad ones feel shoddy and unwieldy. Gioteck was kind enough to supply us with a HF-2 Wireless Controller, can they break the 3rd party streak or are we looking at another face in the crowd of 3rd party controllers?

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agentxk2549d ago

This is actually a very good controller, kinda hard to get a hold of though

MOTY2549d ago

Of course it's a 4.5/5. It's taking all the best qualities of the 360 controller so that a proper ergonomically correct controller can be used for the PS3.

agentxk2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

I hate to say it but yeah, more of less it is a 360 ps3 controller

Simco8762549d ago

I had plans on getting this controller but after months of waiting for it to come to the US and horrible reviews on Amazon UK, I went with the XCM Cross with Wired 360 Controller.

Works like a charm in FPS games (which is why I bought it), and blows ass in other genres, but that's why I have a DualShock.

Your choice of course, but I say go with the XCM Cross, it will run you about 20 bucks more, but hey you get to play FPS on the best controller for FPS (it's still no mouse and keyboard though)

agentxk2549d ago

I'll take a look at it.