"It’s next to impossible to please everyone" - Producer Devin Shatsky Talks Silent Hill: Downpour

"TGL caught up Silent Hill producer Devin Shatsky to talk about all things Downpour, about that “core” SH experience and just what we can expect from the town this time around."

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Laypoof2581d ago

That's not a problem as long as developers don't change/modify the game to something that it's not to make it more appealing. Obviously the biggest example are first person shooter games that become CODified and end up losing their identity. That sh*t pisses me off!

rezzah2581d ago

Makes me think of KZ3, which was great but 2 was way better and more original.

Those who complained about controls where too accustomed to the twitching of COD 4 and 5.

zinkabassy2581d ago

That maybe true, but seeing gameplay footage ,.. some gameplay elements were really completely broken and need to be addressed fast,.. So this is just a pretty poor excuse.

rezzah2581d ago

I've seen gameplay of the dude fighting screaming women that cause you to stand still holding your head. They scream randomly making it hard to protect yourself and it seems there is no way to stop it unless you kill them.

this will make the game complicated and annoying if faced with multiple screaming women because you won't be able to move very far with them seizing your movement and hitting you until you die.

To me it seems to be more action than horror, or well they try to add horror but it isn't twisted like the early games.

Inzo2581d ago

ND and Kojima would beg to differ.

OMGitzThatGuy2581d ago

I don't like movie game hybrids or the fact that drake traded Chloe for Elena.

NarooN2580d ago

What does any of that have to do with SH or this article?

kreate2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

idk but his chloe/elena complaint seems kinda funny being in this article.
especially after reading urs.

godsinhisheaven2581d ago

Go watch "the real silent hill experience" on youtube please...

phinch2581d ago

on part 3, as if just readind your comment has ade me watch 3 videos, awesome find dude

godsinhisheaven2581d ago

Those videos are indeed awesome.

NarooN2580d ago

I watched them earlier this year, and while they do say some cool stuff about the development of the games and some story stuff that was confusing to some, once they get to SH4 and beyond, all they did was bash every game that was released at that point. It was just Team Silent-worshiping at the finest, fearmongering and talking about how the series is ruined and how every game needs to play like SH1-3.

It became annoying and they just need to learn to move on.

godsinhisheaven2580d ago

Yeah they said the silent hill franchise should have stoped at 3...But still, you can't deny that their understanding of the games is really solid, supported by the original silent hill and even members from Team Silent.

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