9.0 - Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Is a Return to Greatness

In the golden days of console based Role Playing Games such as Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII, there were those of us who sought a greater challenge than the button mashing strategies that were provided to us in the popular turn-based combat of the time. Final Fantasy Tactics gave us more control over the battlefield by adding another element to combat: strategic placement. For comparison, if you were to liken turn-based combat to the role play of yore consisting of you, your friends, and a Dungeon Master who threw the dice to determine if your predetermined set of actions fell in your favor, then a strategic RPG like Final Fantasy Tactics would be like Battletech where your wits and forethought are bolstered by your chess skills; carefully placing your pieces in position on a map to incite, lure, and decimate your enemies in a second dimension.

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I hope it gets released for iOS today! :)