Ninja Gaiden creator: Japanese developers lack "creativity and ingenuity"

OXM UK: "They complain a lot, they say a lot, but then they don't take action," says Itagaki.

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dangert122429d ago

They don't there very good they just seem to be lacking common sense.Trying to sell more games in the western marker they think there's a 'Western Formula'.
Truth is there is no 'Western Formula'.
Japanese games appealed to us the last few Gen because they were something we liked they made games they believed where good and we believed they was too.
Now they want more western sales. They change the game make it something we would't of brought in the previous gens because it seems to sell well in most big 'Western Developed Games' all they had to do is keep creating the games they liked with there cultural needs etc
and promoted them more over here If i by a japanese game im not buying it so it feels western it may have been there culutre they intriged me to by the game when that is missing its just a confused software on a CD also all games to include Japanese voice overs and english subttitles and stop releasing all of your best RPG'S etc exclusively in japan and complaining we wont like them we are perfectly capable of deciding even more so if you are unsure put them exclusively on the playstation store in western countries =/

dirigiblebill2429d ago

Much as I like JRPGs, they cost a bomb to make and only a handful sell well beyond the land of the rising sun. Perhaps digi distribution is the answer.

dangert122429d ago

I was thinking this gen has seen so many games.
why has no one done whats on the pc and stick to one game and back it with exspansaion pack like dlc instead of squeals so the game can last the console gen...imo CoD could do it so could GTA etc

KingSlayer2429d ago

I think he's talking about Ninja Gaiden 2.

dirigiblebill2429d ago

Funny that he likes Danny Bilson, and that Danny Bilson's publishing his game. Funny that.