Mass Effect 3 "one of the best games ever" – BioWare

BioWare are making some big claims. Mass Effect 3 is the best game they’ve ever made, says marketing boss David Silverman – which would make it one of the best games to ever exist.

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dangert122579d ago

Yep your going to say...I also remember a glowing review for DA2 by a member of your own staff(Bioware), This is just PR work nothing more nothing less move along...

Theyellowflash302579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Mass Effect has always rated higher than Dragon Age. Mass Effect 2 is one of the Highest rated games ever. Why wouldn't they think this is one of the best games ever? Its called having confidence in what you produce. I believe them cause Mass Effect 2 for me was one of the best games ever!

TheGameFoxJTV2579d ago

Exactly. I believe it cause I consider ME2 one f the best games ever. lol

joydestroy2579d ago

you're right, it is PR work. but i believe that statement. i bought ME2 for both 360, then PC. still own it for both, actually, and still actively play on PC. ME3 will be stellar. no doubt about that.

Voxelman2579d ago

well at least they are modest...

theonlylolking2579d ago

ME3 WILL be one of the best games ever and it WILL be the greatest RPG ever.

Christopher2579d ago

Highly, highly, highly doubt it will be considered one of the greatest RPGs ever.

smilydude132579d ago

Is it just me or has Bioware's attitude become really arrogant and grating?

krazykombatant2579d ago

I'm really hoping for that to be true, but i needs to see the new RPG mechanics. And heres hoping that the story gets a bit deeper, than the shallowness of the 2nd one.

Question is that vega guy, the one that looks like a monkey is he the guy up on big ben when we saw the first trailer for ME3?

gravemaker2579d ago

it a pity that shooter is one of the best games of epic rpg developer in past

Charmers2579d ago

I know David Silverman is just the PR guy but he is quite receptive to fan feedback. He is incredibly active on twitter and has even replied to several tweets from me. He also doesn't take anything too seriously. At Com Con this week he was messing around dressed up as Wrex.

It is also thanks to David that they are now paying more attention to femshep too. However having said all that he is a PR guy so he is going to say "woo yeah Mass Effect 3 best game like EVAR". So far most of the feedback from those that have played it at Com Con has been pretty favourable. We just have to wait and see at the end of the day it would take a hell of a lot for Bioware to screw this up.

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The story is too old to be commented.