Amazing Skyrim Xbox 360 Case Mod

TGH Writes: "I believe there isn't a gamer in the known universe who isn't hyped for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A modder out there known as TotallyLameRobot has done it again with another case mod to simply salivate over."

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kamakaz3md2582d ago

i like skyrim, and i give props for the time she spent on making this. But it looks like melted plastic and looks like crap. Maybe because i think i have a more open mind and if i had the tools to make a mod, id make it much cooler. Still pretty cool tho what she did.

ShadyDevil2582d ago

I wish I had the skills to mod. It does look pretty CHOICE.

ASSASSYN 36o2582d ago

That looks boo boo. She even admits it was messed up.

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