News Report: Women Say Video Games Aren’t ‘Just For Boys’ Anymore

Maybe at some point video games were thought of as ‘just for boys’ – but not anymore. Studies show girls are just as interested in playing video games (and not only casual ones) as boys.

Though some women might be making game purchases for someone else, 44-percent of them say they want something other than casual, exercise or music games; which is what many developers think women like.

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Kur02465d ago

Chicks of my age group prefer video games to jewelry and I'm not talking about that casual crap.

2464d ago
showtimefolks2464d ago

its just our thing if some women are into it than fine by me but most of the gamers are male.

also we as men support our hobbies if we are interested but females don't even support their own sports

college ncaa women's basketball

and i like what tosh.o said women wants to be equal yet they play softball compare to baseball and play with bigger ball and small bases?????

i don't mean to offend anyone but in this great country you want equal do equal amount of work

trainsinrdr2464d ago

WTF so who's gonna make the sandwiches and shit now...

Cpt_kitten2464d ago

well sony says ps3 can do everything but it still hasn't made me a sandwich and its been years since i asked so false advertising there

how about you get up yourself?

Serjikal_Strike2464d ago

we still need them to make us sammiches

bangoskank2464d ago

Has your mom stopped feeding you?

Serjikal_Strike2463d ago

NO...but I stopped giving your mom child support!

move along son...dont get in daddys buisness

bangoskank2463d ago

How long did it take you to think of that comeback? Funny thing is that you assume I'm some little punk like yourself but I'm probably old enough to be your father.

Cpt_kitten2464d ago

old news.....move on folks

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RedGr3mlin2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )


I say girls should start to play more videogames !

Ok 44% are now playing but there need to be MORE!

Don't get me wrong, I am not a FAT, pizza eating lonely guy sitting in my basement playing games ( South park WOW dude ).

In fact I have 2 kids a beautiful ( gamer wife ) and a dog named Bandicoot. Thou my point is that when my wife play on my 360 or PC she is 90% of the times playing with dudes and she have realized that when the "dudes" online hear a female voice they are going from a angry mode yelling hate words at eachother to a friendly tone, not just against her but against EVERY ONE ONLINE!.

So now I think, what if female players have MORE impact on the guys / kids playing then the news / game stores / ppl that you talk with on the street know?.

Think about it, A girl online makes 10-20 pissed of dudes suddenly happy and from a server where ppl are hating on eachother suddenly ppl start having FUN and laphing WITH eachother and start telling jokes?

Maybe about other players but no one takes it personally at that moment, why?

Because a female player is not something you see every day ONLINE, SO when they get online they change the mood of a hole server.

So I say: ALL FEMALE PLAYERS OUT THERE, ALL PARENTS, ALL DAUGHTERS! At least pick up a 360 / ps3 / PC / Nintendo DS and go online, you will not regret it.

I am not saying that you should ditch your "real life" friends but at least take a look what the online gaming world can offer in terms of community and fun with others.

We DUDES that play games online is not (or most of us) are not silent types, angry 24/h, scream in the mic, hating, flaming guys, WE WANT more girls to start playing!, why?


sry bad english

RedGr3mlin2464d ago

Oh and one more thing....

Why is there more girls playing 360? then ps3?

Or isit just me that havent been online when all the girls out there is on there ps3,s?

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