League of Legends gets 1.4 million players a day

Riot Games have released a batch of stunning League of Legends figures to celebrate the end of the incredibly successful first season. League of Legends has 15 million registered users, 1.4 million of whom log in to play every day. The League of Legends site gets six million hits a day and it's estimated that players put in 3.7 million hours of play time every 24 hours.

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ATiElite2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Oh ok only 1.4 million gamers daily with a peak of 500k gamers for a game I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF!!!

unfortunately the PC has many games like this with huge communities that just quietly fly (first class) under the radar.

like for example Runescape, Maple Story, and Evony (Evony for %$$%% crying out loud) and their billions of players but i know No one who plays these games.

just weird.....Oh well off to Youtube (for game play video) and to add another hit to that 6 million daily hits mark to League of

Voxelman2579d ago

It's a pretty fun DOTA like, I will be interested to what happens to those numbers after DOTA 2 comes out...

ATiElite2579d ago

yeh i just checked out the game play and the first thing the guy said was it was like DotA and from what i saw it was very fast paced.

sorta like a RTS but no base building just straight combat. lots of clicks per minute.

evrfighter2579d ago

I've had friends try and get me into it for awhile. Just not my deal. One interesting fact is, I've noticed that all and i mean ALL my friends that played cs and wow have picked up LoL.

Again it's just not my thing but I wouldn't mind an fps with dota like arena combat. Monday Night Comdbat tried but it lacks variety and it's not balanced enough to take seriously.

TXIDarkAvenger2579d ago

Proud to be one of those 1.4 million players.

LoL is such a fun game. I wasn't really into RTS but this game got me started and I love it. Can't wait for DOTA 2.

Flavor2579d ago

DOTA 2 better be F2P like LoL otherwise its doomed.