CGI Trailer A “Misconception” Says Dead Island Publisher

360 Magazine: We talk to Techland about that infamous trailer as the game gears up for its September release…

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Biglet2463d ago

People are so quick to put two and two together and come up with five. Dead Island is nothing like Left 4 Dead but neither is it the emotive, story-driven experience that teaser portrayed it as.

rabidpancakeburglar2462d ago

It's a 4 player co-op game which involves running around and killing zombies. How is that nothing like left 4 dead. I understand that it'll be quite different but saying nothing like is wrong.

Takoulya2462d ago

Because L4D is a linear, map-by-map kind of game. Dead Island is all about exploring the world, leveling up and personalizing your character. Yes, there are zombies and it's co-op, but that's like saying BF3 is like CoD:WaW because you fight enemy soldiers with guns along with your friends.

Swiggins2462d ago

Played this at Comic-Con....I was impressed.

maddfoxx2462d ago

I need more details! Does it play like Left for Dead? Is the story interesting? Im so excited about this game!

Swiggins2462d ago

It does NOT play like left for dead, the control is slightly more loose, but otherwise good.

It was a 10 Minute Demo, I couldn't tell you if the story was any good.

It looks like it's shaping up.

Dailynch2462d ago

You should check out the next issue of 360 Magazine (UK) they've got a cover exclusive. It's on sale10/08/11

OhMyGandhi2462d ago

because when we see a girl and a family struggle for their lives, dramatic music playing and a child dying, we IMMEDITALY think of some "hack n' slash dead rising on an island with left 4 dead's sense of team survival."

you'd think that because of how they did the trailer, that they must understand that people it for the emotion, and not just the idea of a "zombie game".

to be honest, I could really care less about the "melee system where every object in the game world is a weapon", it's great that they have it, but that's not close to the reason of why I became interested in this title in the first place.

Bolts2462d ago

The trailer gave the impression of a story driven horror game, but the game is actually GTA with zombies hack and slash. From what I've seen of the gameplay so far the combat looks boring. It lacks the oh shit moments of L4D, it lacks horror.

OhMyGandhi2462d ago

yeah, that was what I was saying, but without the "/sarcasm" tag that people here seem to be so fond of.

then again, after reading my post, I can't believe anyone can actually understand what I was saying; I forgot to spell check it as well as re read for grammar related errors. damn did I sound like an idiot.

Quagmire2462d ago

TBH, I liked the trailer better than the gameplay.

It was different.