How Red Dead Redemption killed Call of Juarez

OXM UK: "Once upon a time, Call of Juarez franchise had the Old West pretty much to itself. When the first in the series hit PCs in 2006 (an Xbox port would follow in 2007), the cowboys 'n' injuns genre was a howling waste, home to a handful of lonely pioneers in the shape of Activision's Gun and Rockstar's Red Dead Revolver."

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dirigiblebill2308d ago

The Cartel could be worse, for my money. I've been enjoying the story.

Ravens202308d ago

lol I rented for $2 and i feel like i wasted my money. Bound in Blood was a much better game

zootang2308d ago

I see you got the golden guns, lol.

BeaArthur2308d ago

I would say Call of Juarez killed itself.

JsonHenry2308d ago

Yeah. Hopefully next time they will go back to their roots.

PsycheMax2308d ago

They gotta enhance their roots :)

Gun was a funny game, but RDR is too much!

Baka-akaB2308d ago

Yup , i find it stupid to ditch your roots to become just another run of the mill modern shooter .

The game only worked via some underused setting angle and found the way to ditch that.

BeaArthur2308d ago

Not only that but it's obviously a poorly designed game in general.

MasterD9192308d ago

Red Dead is a fantastic game full of quality and re-playability.

I never even had to look at The Cartel to know that wasn't going to be the case with that game.

mastershredder2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

COJ 2 had some great environmental design and rich atmosphere married to great western tunes.
The game seamed to rush to an ending after setting up such a lenghty back story. Not really sure what was up with that. I'm just not sold that COJ 3 is something I want to play at this point.

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