IGN: The Epic Scale of Need for Speed: The Run

IGN writes: It's fair to say that the E3 presentation didn't do Need for Speed: The Run many favours. What it did do, though, was show us that this is something a little different – and in creating a racer shaped around an in-game story, Black Box really is doing something new with Need for Speed: The Run. The entire single-player game is one cross-country, coast-to-coast race across North America against 200 others, from the centre of San Francisco through the rolling hills of California, the deserts of Nevada, the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, interstate highways and iconic American cities. It's a racing game built on a seriously impressive scale.

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Dwalls11712581d ago

Oh boy lets start up the driving sim wars again...lets see who try to be better then granturismo this time

NealCaffrey2581d ago

It said it feels even more like an arcade game than Hot Pursuit, its not a sim.

mobijoker2581d ago

Some people just shout for sims but the subscribers of real sims(iracing) are very low.Even in case of F1 2010,very few people try to compete with all assists off and cranking the ai to legend.Truth is games willing for sales are always gonna be sim-like arcade or arcadey-sims because people don't pay for things that they can't handle.

Camb316912581d ago

I'm actually thinking this one is going to be very cool. Like Hot Pursuit.

felonycarclub2581d ago

now dont get me wrong i like the arcade style of these racing games, but i just wish somebody would make a game like this but with the handling of like gt, i want that feeling of the car actually gripping to the road. but anyways i cant wait to play this one i still remember when i first play hot pursuit in the 3DO, i wonder if people remember the 3DO i tought it was awesome at the time but couldnt afford it lol