Battlefield 3 will end Modern Warfare's multiplayer dominance. Discuss.

CVG: We have to say that DICE seems to have put together a pretty impressive package so far, especially considering that everything that's found its way onto the net has apparently been from alpha stage testing.

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xYLeinen2464d ago

I'm done discussing this..

They are 2 completely different multiplayer games with 2 different appeals. We have been over this.

iamnsuperman2464d ago

So true. Expext these types of articles to flood N4G in November. If i had the time and money i would get both because the offer different experiences and saying one is better than the other is relative (depends on what online experience you want)

evrfighter2464d ago

see this is why I'll never take CVG seriously. "discuss" is old and pops up only in forum posts and this topic has been discussed to hell and back

thorstein2464d ago

What are you talking about!?!! I have never, ever read any articles about BOTH (gasp) MW3 and BF3 being discussed. I mean NEVER!

JsonHenry2464d ago

I'll be getting both. But I am way more excited for BF3. Mostly because it will be pushing my new PC rig to the max. Chances are I will be playing MW3 on the 360 because that is what most of my family/friends play it on.

TheFact0032464d ago

With that stupid logic, nothing in the world is comparable, since everything is different.

TheDareDevil2464d ago

I'm certainly excited for both games, but one thing's for sure, I won't be buying BF3 until MW3 releases. Up until now, I've seen hundreds of BF3 articles saying how awesome it is and only 2 or 3 saying that it's not going to be great. While it's certainly a good thing, but no game is perfect and I won't make my mind up until I actually see some true criticism for BF3, once all the hype wears down.

fooxy2464d ago


Dwalls11712464d ago

Ive said this before and I will say it no a game sucks when you have to down play another game just to get attention...*example...fortza and granturismo...the guys at polyphony dont care 2 cents about fortza...but there was never an article about fortza without mentioning GT5.....

Same case here ..the guys behind call of duty dont give a dam about anything battlefield does....but in order for bf to get attention they have to say in some way our game is better then yourse...its kind of sad.......just make your game and hope people like it..that goes to bf and fortza

Trunkz Jr2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Are you freaking kidding me?!!

CoD calling out BF3 for only having 30 fps when so many games out there like Halo and BC2 had that but nobody complained then, now every complaint from a CoD fanboy for BF3 is "it's not 60fps".

Ser2464d ago

Guy, Battlefield, as a series, has been around longer than CoD. (WAY before CoD4.)

Battlefield doesn't need to "get attention." Gamers everywhere are already giving it their full and undivided attention.

Kaos_Vll2464d ago

Yet they have not done a single interview without mentioning COD.

Sure looks like they need "extra" attention...

Ser2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

That's horsecrap, Kaos_VII.

I've seen quite a few DICE interviews without them ever mentioning CoD. Go ahead, check out the video below and direct me to the part where Karl-Magnus Troedsson mentions CoD.

Way to pull "facts" out of the air!

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The story is too old to be commented.