Go! Gaming Giant: Record of Agarest War Zero Review

From the review:

"Being the prequel to the popular Record of Agarest War, I went into Record of Agarest War Zero with certain expectations. The first game wasn’t exactly the most original game in the strategy JRPG genre, but it had a lot of personality and charm that made it very enjoyable, and it had enough good ideas to keep it fresh throughout most of the experience. Zero has the same kind of personality and charm, but because its gameplay so closely resembles its predecessor’s, it has issues with maintaining that same level freshness. Of course, with the right mindset, it is entirely possible to overlook that slight setback."

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Rah5er02552d ago

Doesn't look too bad. I've never really been into games like this, but that doesn't mean I never will either. With that being said, I could see myself "gamefly-ing" this title.

Stealth2k2551d ago

Its a very great game.

I cant wait for agarest 2

omicron0092550d ago

reminds me of the old SNES days except it looks a lot better