BioWare: Mass Effect “more mature” than Star Wars

The Mass Effect series is “HBO meets Star Wars,” says BioWare’s marketing boss – claiming that the acclaimed videogame series is “more mature” than George Lucas’ films.

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Chaostar2400d ago

A Sci-Fi comparing itself to Star Wars is like the Beatles comparing themselves to Jesus.

dc12400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

@ Chaostar:
You're being too nostalgic.

Star Wars (4,5 and 6) is/are THE patriarch and /or the unchallenged standard by which others are measured.
However it is not the best most comprehensive Sci-Fi experience.
I 'acutely' think this is a more that fair comparison. In fact I applaud the creators of the Mass Effect universe for given me some Sci-Fi I can depend on.
… Look at it this way.. I don’t have to worry about a broken story arc, Jar-Jar, or a young Anakin that was so in love that he completely an utterly abandon all counsel receive over a 10 year training period to fall into the dark side.. sarcasm dripping .. I may need a bucket.

Edit -
.. By the way - I 'with purpose' do not consider the books and anime in my argument of presented media. The SW Universe is well over 30 years in the making (and growing) with multiple platform outputs along the way; while ME is barely approaching a 10 year window with only two video games in and one on the way.
We have to draw a line somewhere..

CrimsonEngage2400d ago

A Sci-Fi comparing itself to Star Wars... Really now? Last i checked they were both Science Fiction. Fail on your part.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Sci-Fi is the genre that I prefer, and to be honest I don't consider Star Wars truly Sci-fi, it' s more Fantasy/Sci-Fi mix.
Star Wars has too many factors that are inconsistent.

silvacrest2400d ago

isnt that what sci-fi is all about? i dont recall all or even most sci-fi making 100% sense

Saladfax2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Star Wars is what they call a space opera, a genre which holds less emphasis on the intricacies of technological development (and their effect on people's lives), and more on large, epic stories which happen to take place in a science fiction setting.

But you're also quite right, Star Wars settles in towards a fantasy niche, as the Force and the concept of Jedi/Sith is basically magic and sorcery.

In addition, Star Wars tends to sit at the mid to late teen demographic in part because it focuses upon a very strict dichotomy of good and evil. It's perfectly fine, but it tends to make heroes and villains a little thin. The most you get is the, "I'm evil now," followed by, "I'm good again!" Some of the extended universe explores a bit of the shades of grey, but not much of it.

@seventh & silva

The reason Star Wars has so many of those oddities is because there are, so to speak, too many cooks in the kitchen. Many people have been hired to give their take on it, and more than once have certain chunks been declared non-canon because of conflicts.

It used to be that Kyle Katarn (of Dark Forces/Jedi Knight video game series fame) was a mercenary hired to find the Death Star plans. Then later on, canon was changed to suggest several other people found it. So now it's practically a rite of passage in the Star Wars universe. Want to be an important character? Gotta find them Death Star plans.

The really good sci-fi comes in literature and just a couple of TV shows and films. Star Wars has been a great concept for years, but it's just over-bloated with some truly awful material and numerous conflicting stories.

dc12400d ago

I stopped way short of getting this detailed about my angst towards the handling of the SW universe however, thanks for filling the gap for me. +plus bubs for you

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SephirothX212399d ago

Wait a minute. You can't compare the Beatles to Jesus. The Beatles actually existed. Though you can compare Jesus to Star Wars as he used the force to duplicate fish, walk on water, rise from the dead and ascend to heaven. Yet he didn't know the world was round. Had the authors of the Bible known what a lightsaber was, they would've had him use that too. Likewise, Mohammed used the force to construct explosives...

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2399d ago

Bubbles+ for the truth.

On topic: seems like a lot people have forgot what is the exact meaning of the term Science Fiction.

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SageHonor2400d ago

Somewhat... but that doesnt really work like that

Simon_Brezhnev2400d ago

Well Mass Effect is just Star Wars with just guns.

caseh2400d ago

I don't recall seeing any Jedi or Wookies in Shepard's squad. :D

Raendom2400d ago

Lol, I guess. Jack was kinda a jedi though. Actually so was Miranda, or even Shephard depending on your class.

caseh2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Haha yeah I guess as they have skills like throw and pull that you see a bit in Star Wars films. All they need now is a glowing sword, maybe as DLC. :P

evrfighter2400d ago

Mass Effect was Star Wars without wookies is what you meant to say.

lzim2400d ago

correction, it has 'blasters'. PewPew!!! (Kevin Smith voice)

no, Sesame Street is more mature than Star Wars.

aaabbbccc43242400d ago

"Mass Effect more mature than Star Wars". no shit

kneon2400d ago

George Lucas himself said Star Wars was made for kids, so it doesn't take much effort to be more mature than Star Wars.

tigertron2400d ago

I recall Lucas saying that Starwars was for himself.

RedDead2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Stupid, Kotor was pretty mature(and a superior game), it depends on the game/movie. Mass effect is pretty much Kotor without the explorable planets and a Tps instead of RPG.

lzim2400d ago

so it depends on who is doing what with the IP and for what audience.

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