Mass Effect 3 AI to be 'turned up to 11'

Mass Effect 3′s combat will be more intense, as the game’s designers are “turning it up to 11″ in the AI department, according to production director Jesse Houston.

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Kran2551d ago

What was it at before then? o.O

Jellzy2551d ago

Hopefully they fix the bug/poor game design of shooting that gives you the ability to shoot through corners.

No matter how good the AI is the ability to clip through the walls always made the last two easy and made me feel cheap for doing so.

thewhoopimen2551d ago

Does he mean IQ of 11? Cuz that's surely a 200% improvement ;)

Disccordia2551d ago

ME was ok but I actually struggled on ME2 insanity on a number of places. Overall though, I like that there's more emphasis on strategy on the harder settings, especially when it comes to who you take with you.

a08andan2551d ago

I won't be happy until it is OVER 9000!!! (An old classic I know, but still funny :) )

Forbidden_Darkness2551d ago

I hope they uphold on their promises they have been making lately, because i'm not entirely sure they will. Either way, i'll be enjoying this game..

zinkabassy2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Might follow it, just because of the story or get it when it is cheaper,..

They removed a lot of pain points in 2, but also removed a lot of Rpg elements instead of making them better and more user UI friendly,.. They are going to make it even less of RPG, and more casual and shooter-people friendly, would be my first guess(with statements like that),.. I hope I am proven wrong.

At least I am pretty sure Blizzard will deliver a true and deep Western type RPG with Diablo 3 and FromSoftware with Dark Souls.(I know those are dark phantasy,.. I am referring to depth)

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