Interview - Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine

Megabits of Gaming writes: "THQ is set to launch the latest in the Warhammer series, with the forthcoming title 40,000: Space Marine soon slated for the coming months. Gamers will get to see the hugely anticipated return of the original chainsaw-wielding supersoldier and the world he now inhabits..."

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Reiko2496d ago

This is looking awesome. will keep me going until Gears comes out

RonaldRaygun2496d ago

I'm in the same boat as you. It's the perfect game to make the wait for Gears 3 more bearable. In fact, it looks like it does at least some things better - melee, customization, classes, and a better sense of verticality. I'm still anxiously waiting for Gears 3, but this looks like the absolute perfect game to play in the meantime.

krazykombatant2496d ago

Can't wait to put some humie heads on my pointy stick!

I was playing DC today, and i'm not the best player on it, but it sucks when you play a 3v3 which turns into a 2v2, and then your teammate decides he can't handle 4 turrets and a dreadnaught and a group of terminator squads, while playing as tau. Meanwhile, my IG army had to put up with the full force of both of them for 10-15 minutes..

Psychonaughty2496d ago

I'm almost certain this site ripped off this "interview" from another site, or possibly transcribed it from a video from a competitor, either way it's a horrible mess of an article and shame on you if I'm right.

The game is looking awesome though!

Bojeeva2495d ago


Careful making libellous comments. The contributor wrote this after an exclusive interview with the developer. This is the first time the article has appeared online and will be published in the August issue of his magazine.

Ibwib2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

How "pretty sure" are you? Because I can tell you that that the article is not plagiarized, which makes your comment both libellous and rather insulting to the guy who put in the hours to get these interviews and write them up for you. But hey, as long as you're "pretty sure" its plagiarized you can just say what you like?

Psychonaughty2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Yeah I can say what I like, get over it, it's the internet, but if I'm wrong I'm sorry.

Either way it was a poorly written article and I've read everything said in it on other sites weeks ago, so either it is plagiarised or the person interviewed is saying exactly the same thing over and over again which is possible as these guys are pretty rehearsed.