Phantasy Star Online 2 - Concept Video

DSOGaming writes: "In today's Phantasy Star Online 2 media briefing, SEGA showcased a new concept video for their much anticipated MMO game. Someone managed to capture it so here it is."

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sonicsidewinder2553d ago

Wish i could've played the originals.

All i know is PSU is a game you wouldnt play in front of your dad.

But this... I may make the journey.

JAMurida2553d ago


PSU shuffle!!!

From my old YouTube account 5 years ago:

The Great Melon2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Lol, don't know why something so simple made me chuckle.

JAMurida2553d ago

Then this will make you ROLF:

Made that with a lot of friends on Phantasy Star Universe back then.

The Great Melon2553d ago

lol. An AT&T Marketing manager out there must proud that I managed to start thinking "more bars in more places" at the 1:45 mark.