Getting to Know Uncharted 2 in 77 Seconds

As the 3rd installment in the Uncharted series comes closer, much is highly-anticipated. But if you haven't played Uncharted 2 before, the 3rd may not be as appealing, or as understandable to you. Do not fear. Thankfully, you can now get to know Uncharted 2 in a much easier way - in less than 2 minutes, you can now admire the greatness of the game; and of course, appreaciate the upcoming widely-talkabout PS3 exclusive more.

Note: Video contains spoilers for those who haven't played Uncharted 2

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spunnups2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Don't bother, just go play UC1/UC2. It's a can't miss series for any person that considers themselves a true gamer.

metsgaming2489d ago

if you own a ps3 and dont own Uncharted 1 and 2 you must go out right now and buy them.

consolez_FTW2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

yeah man, it's one thing to see that UC2 train crash set piece on youtube or something, but when you experience that first speechless. So yeah, gotta experience the greatness that is uncharted on PS3.

ilikegam3s2489d ago

shhhhhhhhhhhh I'm playing uncharted 2 right now

Aggesan2489d ago

Uncharted 1 is a great game, but I wouldn't call it a must-have. Uncharted 2 most definitely is though. If the third one is as much of an improvement as the second was over the first, it's going to be the best game ever :)

Seanabon2489d ago

Every thing he said in the video sounding like some one gargling ginger ale u_u.

bwazy2489d ago

You must be an American.

bwazy2489d ago

I pity the fool who owns a PS3 and hasn't played UC 1&2.

Seanabon2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Yeppp doesn't make it any less true, when he has a crappy mic and is trying to talk super fast.

God forbid its uncharted 2 in 100 seconds.

*this is ment for your "you must be an American" comment mis clicked lol.*

ilikegam3s2489d ago

no one sells UC1 :(, is it better than UC2?

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2489d ago

anybody that has a ps3 and doesn't have uncharted 2 is not a gamer in my book.

There is one opinion that i take to personal offence and that is not loving uncharted 2.

Hicken2489d ago

What type of random number is 77 seconds?

ilikegam3s2489d ago

Because the person who made the video is weird.

And because saying 77 seconds is shorter than saying 1 min and 17 seconds.


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