David Braben on Disneyland Adventures and the future of Kinect

BeefJack: "We sat down with games industry legend David Braben at the Develop 2011 Conference to discuss designing Disneyland Adventures, the future of Kinect and his fears for the future of UK development talent."

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Andronix2497d ago

With proper funding, a AAA quality Elite game could sell millions.

Disccordia2497d ago

I absolutely agree, and whilst we're at it, a new Rollercoaster Tycoon wouldn't be a bad idea.

Whatever happened to his other game 'The Outsider' anyway? He keeps saying it's not cancelled but it's been three years since any updates on it! Seriously, I think Braben has his priorities all wrong.

hilyou2497d ago

micro$oft shouldn't really hav ruined the disney ip, disney is classic, but they ruined mickey mouse.