Mortal Kombat 9: Characters you want but won't get – Chucky/Yoda

Product-Reviews writes: A lot of ideas have been thrown around and we’re sure you have a few of your own, so what legends in the horror and sci-fi world would you want but doubt will come to MK9?

We thought of a few, the two that stood out to us were Chucky (aka Charles Lee Ray) from the Child’s Play horror movie, and Yoda the fictional character in the Star Wars movies.

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tr00p3r2548d ago

The alien prawn from District 9..and also Pennywise from Stephen King's IT.

danswayuk2548d ago

District 9 - what a movie. I would love a "Prawn" in MK9.

Corrwin2548d ago

Nobody wanted Yoda even when he came with Soul Calibur on the 360!

Lucas should never have shown that midget fighting.

MasterD9192548d ago

I for one think they all should just get a seperate game...There's simply no way that all of the characters people have been talking about would ever make it into MK with all of the different movie studios owning the rights.

Plus at some point its not going to feel like MK anymore with all of these random characters.

hilyou2548d ago

pennywise was classic from IT, that movie was da best horror movie 4 me. how bout charlie sheen or justin beiber. justin beaver's fatality would be singing and making the opponent rip his hears off and eye balls oout, than the guy/girl killing themselves.