DICE on cutting Battlefield 3 console content: 'We're not evil or stupid'

Studio says smaller multiplayer, "compact" maps are best compromises available.

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Wizziokid2552d ago

can't argue with that, on the map front I would hate having hugs maps with only 24 players, wouldn't work. they had to be smaller on console .

chak_2552d ago

That's so obvious I don't get why some people feel offended.

gamingdroid2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

More and more, BF3 sounds more like CoD in disguise.

Dice is not Evil, but their publisher is! Online passes, pffft.

HydroCopper2552d ago

How does a troll like you have 7 bubbles? You must have a lot of accounts to bubble yourself up with.

Scary692552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Isn't the beta coming in Sept. for this game? I will wait for the beta to decide on this game. I prefer 24 players and compact maps to be honest it will be interesting.

byeGollum2552d ago

DICE needs to stop referring to the technical aspect of the console version. e-Gamers will always discuss it out of proportion and presume they know better than developers lol

Brixxer6002552d ago

Maps that are the same size as BFBC2 would be perfect , they felt huge even on consoles

theonlylolking2552d ago

Not compared to MAG's maps, but MAG does not have fully destructible environments and only has graphics as good as COD4.

I hope the matchmaking will be better in BF3 than BFBC2. Since I get annoyed that one team will have 12 and another would have 4.

KING_KAI2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

MAG had graphics as good as cod 4 :/


cod 4 graphics were really good at the time. MAGs isnt, but then you wouldnt expect it to be for a 256 player game.

msbabie200342552d ago

Not compared to MAG's maps, but MAG does not have fully destructible environments and only has graphics as good as COD4.---- this made me laugh out loud at the lol king. dude must be blind

Bolts2552d ago

MAG have terrible graphics. But it's a 256 players game so whatever.

tepkisiz2552d ago

This is stupid. The more DICE puts on PC version, the more bullshit they will get from console players. Why dont you see that BF3 will already be great on console? If it goes like this, they will have to cut back on PC features just to avoid console shitstorm!

CrimsonEngage2552d ago

The 360 and PS3 are OLD tech. Try about 7 years old. When will you people understand they have technological LIMITS!?

I'm a PC gamers and a 360 player. I'm buying both versions and i'll probably play the console version the most. More players isn't always better. BF2 on PC has 64 players but i always find myself playing in the 32 player servers.

If you want to play the game with 64 players and bigger maps then stop being a cheap ass and buy a PC that can run it. In the mean time quit your bitching.

tepkisiz2552d ago

LOL did you even read my comment?

cyborg472552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )


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Bolts2552d ago

But but but...the Cell :( I'm sure if they can add 64 players and 1080p if they use the Cell. Sony said the PS3 is limitless!

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