Square Enix Producers Discuss Final Fantasy 20 and Dragon Quest 20

Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest X have yet to be shown to the public. But Famitsu decided to jump ahead a few numbers for some interviews it held with Square Enix's production staff for company feature that appeared in Weekly Famitsu a couple of weeks back.

The magazine asked a few producers to share their brief vision for Dragon Quest 20 and Final Fantasy 20. This was just one of a series of slightly odd questions posed to the staff.

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256bit2429d ago

What will DQ20 and FF20 be like?
Said that FF20 will be the second open world FF and will have a main character who can cross time and travel through the worlds of the previous nineteen FF games.

Pozzle2429d ago

It sounds better than some of the recent FF games, at least. :O

Chrono2429d ago

The Final Fantasy series is already ruined, 20 will probably be another MMO or some crappy game. I hope Square Enix doesn't ruin Dragon Quest like they did with Final Fantasy.

Dark_Overlord2429d ago

If were really lucky, they'll keep outsourcing DQ to level 5 :)

Kurisu2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

They responded that they could be "casual mobile games"


By that time mobile technolgy should be pretty advanced.

Its a long way off though. The franchise may be long dead by then, especially if they fail to deliver with Versus.

Pozzle2429d ago

I think he was only joking about the 'casual mobile games' part. At least, I think he was. o.O

Kurisu2429d ago

Who knows. One things for sure though, casual gaming has exploded lately. By the time FFXX comes out home consoles could be redundant. We keep hearing stuff about "could this be the last console generation?" etc...but we can't possibly predict how things are going to pan out in the future. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

dorron2429d ago

Dragon Quest for PS3, please! I would love to play something like DQ VIII on my PS3...