Top 10 selling Steam games of H1 2011

Steam dominates digital games retail and generates huge revenue during H1 2011, according to research firm FADE

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Kran2581d ago

Yeah I expected most of those at the back of my mind ;)

My pc cant actually run Magicka. But i cant wait for my new PC when it can ;D

Ranshak2581d ago

400,000 units sold from a 10yr old game lol thats awesome.

Bolts2581d ago

WOW. Just wow. Try taking a Playstation 2 game and sell 400k copies of it without repacking or adding new content. Impossible. The amazing thing is that it's an online only game.

Ranshak2581d ago

Dam borderlands is still selling on PC, while console sales are long dead, PC keeps trucking along. Natural advantage of digital platforms, the sales keep raking in they dont end.

Pandamobile2581d ago

Wow, Magicka and Terreria sold amazingly well.

a08andan2581d ago

Well this is what I have to say:

With the smoothness that steam means, and their deals and bargains, I am not surprised in any way. Their service is vastly superior to any other I've tried.

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The story is too old to be commented.