TheSixthAxis Review: Captain America: Super Soldier

TSA writes: "Since SEGA’s successive chain of side-scrolling Genesis hits back in the 90s, the publishing giant has failed to produce a worthy Marvel gaming experience. After a 12-year hiatus we weren’t the only ones hoping SEGA would return and revitalize the license for a new generation of consoles, but this was not to be. When Iron Man launched back in 2008, it may have kicked up a plausible amount of hype prior to release, but ultimately failed to please critics, including us, due to its lacklustre visuals and unyielding gameplay.

A few years down the line, and surprisingly, the games got even worse. Iron Man 2 proved just as poor as the original, despite new developer Griptonite Games assuring fans it would almost be a complete re-haul, the recent Thor: God of Thunder proving to be one of the most dire Marvel games to date. With SEGA now deemed as an architect of the typically shameful “move tie-in” sub genre, is there really any chance for the publisher’s latest blockbuster...

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