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Call of Juarez: The Cartel could have gotten away with being an unremarkable yet playable shooter, but the galling lack of presentation and legitimately uncomfortable audio/visual problems make it an unpleasant experience overall. Unfinished, buggy, and barely fun to play, Call of Juarez: The Cartel is a sloppy serving from people who should know better, and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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HSx92547d ago

I really like the multiplayer aspect of this game, i don't understand the low scores.

HSx92547d ago

Nah, its just their gamemodes and unlock system which is pretty good, the game mechanics could use a bit of work though,

Grimhammer002547d ago

just platted's no where close to 2.5/10!
maybe a 6.5/10

darren_poolies2547d ago

A 2.5 is bordering on unplayable and this game isn't unplayable.