Battlefield 3 multiplayer alpha & beta access detailed

"The official blog for Battlefield 3, the next installment in the EA-published, large-scale military shooter series, shares some new details about the game's upcoming multiplayer beta."

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Solid_Snake-2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

agreed and this is a load of rubbish. i am signed to the news letter my veteran status is 6. i own BF1942,1943,BFV,BF2,BF2142,BFB C,BFBC2,BFBC2:V

never got one.

although my friend who doesnt own a battlefield game but is signed up to the news letter did. trust me it is all random.

Elwenil2580d ago

I got one. I figured it had more to do with my purchase of MoH than anything.

MetalProxy2580d ago

Elwenil, I got a invite reserve also and it says "Thank you for purchasing the Medal of Honor Limited Edition, which included access to the upcoming Battlefield 3 Beta!" not sure why you got disagrees...

finbars752579d ago

I agree with you my friends all just signed up with EA and got the emails but I have owned the majority of the BF games and recieved nothing.very random that's for sure.I have a feeling there going to scw a lot of die hard fans out of the beta.

totallysane2579d ago

i cant figure out how to check my veteran status

Aggesan2579d ago

I got one. I'm a level 7 veteran, but I don't have MoH. I'm on vacation though, so I have no chance of using it :(


even though I don't own Medal Of Horror, just because I am a primeval player meaning, I test every EA game in closed alphas and betas and I own some Battlefield games. I am downloading the game right now, but I really miss Steam interface and overlay. Origin can't compare to Steam.

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thorstein2580d ago


I already got my email from them a week ago.

"We are making great progress on Battlefield 3 and can't wait to share it with you. We will be rolling out the Beta during the month of September and you are still on our exclusive list to enter this Beta early."

mafiahajeri2580d ago

Dude did you buy the limited edition? are you sigend up to anything?

theEx1Le2580d ago

The e-mail is for those who bought MoH.

sprayNpray2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Im really hoping we get in the beta in August if we bought MOH LE.

The way he phrased how the open beta starts in september almost implied that the closed beta would be in August.

the_best_player2579d ago

Battlefield 3 multiplayer alpha & beta access detailed
by Jeff Mattas, Jul 25, 2011 4:15pm PDT
Related Topics – Battlefield 3, xbox 360, PlayStation 3, beta, PC

The official blog for Battlefield 3, the next installment in the EA-published, large-scale military shooter series, shares some new details about the game's upcoming multiplayer beta.

First up is an Alpha trial--accessible via invite only--focused primarily on server-related stress tests. While no Alpha Trial codes are being given away on social networking platforms (a relatively common practice these days), there are still a couple of things you can do to improve your chances of an Alpha invite.

"If you'd like to have a chance to be called upon [for the Alpha Trial] make sure to register for our newsletter and ensure your Veteran status is up to date," the blog notes.

In addition to the closed alpha test, EA re-confirmed plans for a public Battlefield 3 beta in September. Folks who purchased the Medal of Honor: Limited Edition recently received an email confirming that they will be able to participate, though the Open Beta's start date is still unknown.

Some players recently received this beta reminder in their inboxes.

In short, if you're a Limited Edition owner that didn't purchase the game secondhand, you'll be beta-eligible. Just make sure you've opted to receive email newsletters from your EA Profile. Those who "purchased a copy of Medal of Honor with the Battlefield 3 Beta sticker on it" are also eligible.

Battlefield 3 is planned for an October 25 release on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Beastradamus2580d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on the beta.

nepdyse2580d ago

I got an invite too but its the xbox version which sucks because i can't aim worth a shit with the controllers, going to go out and buy a PS3 version of MOH limited edition tomorrow. Hope i still get an invite :) And if i do, then i'll be giving out the Xbox beta out to someone.


Never got any e-mail regarding the beta and ive had the tier 1 edition of MoH since its launch......

ian722579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Same here. I got limited Ed MoH for PS3, and heard nothing about Battlefield beta.


Only thing I could think of is if theyve only issued the email to specific regions?

farrelljade2579d ago

Yeh same here, bought the tier 1 MoH:LE on day one(UK) and havent heard or recieved no email about the beta yet!

Craptain_Steel2579d ago

I got my beta reservation, and an alpha trial code for PC.

too bad a laptop can't run it, lol.

GamerPS3602579d ago

will you give me your code, if you laptop is not par with it.

beastgamer2579d ago

give me your code, i would buy off you
i must have

AO1JMM2579d ago

So who go it? or did your laptop play it?

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