Mortal Kombat x Horror

With the introduction of Freddy Kruger into Mortal Kombat 9. ask the question. Where was the horror genre tie-in all along? Seeing the Nightmare one in action made sense. Could Freddy be the first of many from the horror universe to get the MK 9 treatment?

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KingSlayer2580d ago

Nice handle!

On topic - I would personally love to see more horror icons in MK. Michael Myers, that dude from Basket Case, The Tall Man from Phantasm (with the silver orb), Candyman, Pinhead from Hellraiser...and on and on. Of course, this is a huge pipe dream.

Etseix2580d ago


are most likely the top 3 "horror" villians ever.

blackthorn52580d ago

I'm a big Freddy Krueger fan so this was great to hear. I think he fits in nicely but wish it was the classic Robert Englund Krueger instead. I just don't like the new Freddy Krueger look. I understand it but dont like it.Robert Englund was the man, I guess we could have a classic Freddy Krueger skin DLC? we have them for other characters in the game why not freddy? unless it's a license issue. anyway it should be fun I'm cool with it.

violent80sarcade822580d ago

Yes please do Mortal Kombat Vs Horror Movie Icons that would be such a cool ass game.
80s Horror Villains they should add~
Count Dracula
Silver Bullet Werewolf
Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Mummy
Original Freddy
Michael Meyers
Original Scary non-talking Chucky (childs play 1)
Carrie or Bloody Mary
Cujo (mvc3 has amaterasu)
The Phantom of The Opera
Jack The Ripper
The Fly
Tales From The Crypt Dude
Maniac Cop
Toxic Avenger
Swamp Thing
Scary Old Ghost Man in Black Hat from Poltergeist.
Phantasms Tall Man
Critters when they unite and make that big killer Critter.
The Blob combat size.
1 Of the Killer Clowns from Outer Space or IT The Clown.
Even throw in strong ass handicapp mutant dude from the Goonies i think his name was chunk but hes good so idk.
Or maybe Throw in insane Farmer Vincent from Motel Hell.
Maybe a Skeleton Zombie Warrior from Barbarian days or Pet Cematary Zombie Step-Dad.
Thats my Selection of villans if all these villains make it mortal kombat universe will have some serious problems.

NinjaRican2580d ago

That's a really nice list. I hope it happens.

ivanjp18822580d ago

if mk vs dc happend.......then mk vs horror FOR SURE WILL HAPPEN>>>>......

ivanjp18822580d ago

but i think mk vs killer instinct and mk vs street fighter n street fighter x mk should be next. as long as they keep this same gameplay mechanics that mk 2011 has. n more x rays and gore is welcome as well bb.

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