The Sexy Cosplay of Wonder Festival 2011

While all eyes have been on Comic-con these past few days, a smaller convention has been taking place in Japan: Wonder Festival 2011. Here are a few of the cosplayers that GUNJAP managed to capture on film.

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rataranian2490d ago

Japan cosplayers > American cosplayers

Acquiescence2490d ago

I'm willing to nod earnestly in agreement.

CrimsonEngage2490d ago

I can honestly say i find none of this to be sexy. Then again, i'm not a weaboo.

killerhog2490d ago

im with you too bro, you can read my reason why below.

Simco8762490d ago

Only LOSERS comment on Cosplay articles... just stay away if you hate it so much.

Pozzle2490d ago

Isn't that what some people say about those who play video games? Funny how some are so quick to attack anyone who insults gaming, then they turn around and insult other people and their hobbies.

A hobby is a hobby, and everyone finds different things fun. They're having fun dressing up as game characters, you're having fun gaming, so what's the problem?

Lucreto2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Do you support a sports team?
Do you have a shirt with the teams emblem or name on it?
Do you wear it on a regular basis or just when the team plays?

If you do all the above you are also a cosplayer.

edit below: I don't think so. They both dress up to show a sport/anime they like. They both meet up in a common place to show their support. Yes sport fans don't pose in their underwear but they have more in common than you think.

killerhog2490d ago

that was a bad analogy dude. you are completely wrong with the concept of "cosplaying"

SuperStrokey11232490d ago

I expect this to hit 1000 degrees soon lol

Ser2490d ago

That Monster Hunter cosplay is just...SNAP, SON!

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