Single player games “nowhere close to being doomed”

CVG: "Shadows of the Damned director Massimo Guarini reckons there's still a place for single-player-only games in the current market that places much heavier focus on multiplayer elements than ever before."

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tweet752492d ago

thank god not a fan of multiplayer and probably never will be if the day came that all games were multiplayer my gaming days would end

mantisimo2492d ago

I think there's definitely a place for both.

I never played multiplayer until Uncharted 2 and I have probably put 50/60 hours into it.

I still really enjoy single players and most have some replay value (especially for trophies etc)

I think my problem is games that don't have a good single player campaign that get away with it because people seem happy with generic multi. (but again it's just personal choice)

So single players of quality eg batmanAA/AC are well worth it, as are great singles+multiplayer that are worth playing.

What I really don't want is a half cooked single player that at first glance seems good but gets boring and has no replay value or costs full price and is over in 4 hours.

dinkeldinkse2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

is definitely not a dumbass. The day that single player only games become extinct is the day that the next videogame crash starts.

Shmotz2492d ago

Not at all, even in this age of Multiplayer focus the SP heavy games are doing great imo.

BlmThug2492d ago

SP Beats MP. I Like MP But Its So Frustrating Looking For A Match, Hearing 12 Year Olds Saying The N Word

Psychonaughty2492d ago

I hope he's right cos I'm all about the singleplayer, almost excusively so.