Mii's help family recover stolen Nintendo Wii

Someone broke into Meg Witherspoon's home in late May.

"Where the dead bolt was, all the wood was kind of splattered on the floor," Witherspoon said.

A day after the burglary, police say Latrina Shepard pawned a 19-inch television to a Cash America Pawn on Beach Boulevard. Two days after the break-in, police say Shepard pawned a Nintendo Wii system to a Cash America Pawn on Atlantic Bouelevard. In both transactions, police say Shepard claimed ownership of the items.

The game system didn't have a serial number, but police found several obvious clues that the Nintendo Wii didn't belong to Shepard. The Wii had a list of digital characters, or Mii's, that looked like the family whose house was burglarized. The family's friends had also created characters on the Wii system, according to police.

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Pikajew2405d ago

*Goes and makes a miis that look like me and the people I live with*